Why GetATutor is Sponsoring the EWA Seminar

May 15, 2018 Press Release68

Diversity in education plays a big part in our philosophy here at GetATutor.com, as we deliver personalized, one-to-one instruction to students who would have otherwise missed out on its advantages.

Our proud sponsorship and attendance at the Education Writers Association National Seminar grants us an opportunity to discuss inclusion in education, stay updated on the latest developments in edtech, and interact with those who share our passion.

Our registration with the New York City Department of Education – NYCDOE – and an emerging presence in classrooms has started the ball rolling. Our conference participation represents a continuing commitment to leveling the educational playing field for underprivileged communities. We envision serving even more schools, with an online tutoring platform that exceeds the limits of traditional tutoring in a safe and secure learning environment.

At the EWA National Seminar next week, we hope to gain inspiration, enlightenment and insight from a like-minded crowd, as we connect with them the way we connect students to tutors.