Why Online Tutoring is the Best Job a Student Can Have Right Now

October 7, 2016 For Tutors80

Becoming a tutor can be a very rewarding experience. You can help people to better understand complex ideas and make learning easier for them. You can save a child from becoming overwhelmed in concepts they just can’t grasp. Tutoring is also an effective and convenient way to supplement your income, especially if you’re a student yourself.

Solve Economic Needs

Despite economic turmoil over the last decade, tuition costs have only risen, while jobs that can support students have become harder to find. In order to make ends meet and afford tuition, you have probably had to pick up a job in between classes. In fact, more people are working full-time while in college than ever before. According to a recent study, 40% of undergraduates and 76% of graduate students work at least 30 hours a week.

Unfortunately, you can’t even support yourself on the jobs you do find. For a student working a full-time job at the federal minimum wage, they would take away $15,080 before taxes, which is hardly enough to pay for the college tuition, rent, and other expenses you pay to maintain your everyday life. As a result, student loan debt has increased from $240 billion in 2003 to $1.2 trillion today.

This predicament has caused many in the country to take up side jobs to help bridge the gap between income and expenditures. For students struggling to make ends meet, even with full-time employment, tutoring can become the perfect side job to earn the money you need. It can actually be an incredibly lucrative job if you stick with it. On average, tutors earn around $17.29, which blows away any minimum wage job you could hope to pick up. Tutoring can help make tuition more affordable, and might actually be one of the best jobs you can have while in college.

Fill a Need

As a $7 billion dollar industry in 2016, a part-time tutoring job after school has the potential to turn into a lucrative endeavor. In recent years, education has become a national agenda and the demand for higher standards of learning has led to an increased need for tutoring. Parents who wish to give their children the best opportunities to succeed have no issue spending extra on what they deem to be a competitive advantage.

More children are struggling with standardized testing, as 20% of students opted out of common core testing last year. The majority of the students who opted out were graded to be below proficiency, showing just how many students are in need of extra attention. SAT scores are also down in the state of New York for the fourth year in a row. Students averaged lower scores for reading, math, and writing in 2016 than they did the year prior.

Students in New York and around the country need your help. Becoming a tutor allows you to assist kids who are falling behind or simply want to reaffirm their lessons. There is plenty of opportunity to benefit from, and there is no shortage of need, giving you a constant supply of tutoring jobs.

Improve Yourself

Being a tutor also allows you ample opportunity to improve yourself for whatever comes next in life. Tutoring can help you become more knowledgeable about the material you tutor in as you spend more time with the subject matter. Think of it like a study session where you get paid to remind others about everything you know. Explaining topics to others can also help build a better understanding for yourself.

If you’re looking to become a teacher, tutoring is a great first step on your journey. Not only does it look great on your resume, but it also helps you prepare to interact with kids on a regular basis. Learn how to establish a lasting relationship with your students, improve your interpersonal skills, and develop self-confidence.

Set Your Own Schedule

As a tutor, it’s incredibly easy to set your own hours and take advantage of the time slots you usually work. Most tutoring sessions take place after school during the week, meaning your schedule is open before 3 PM, allowing you to concentrate on your own studies, or work another job. The rise of online tutoring has made the job increasingly more convenient, allowing you to not only set your hours, but to help your students without ever having to travel. Imagine all the time, money, and effort you could save without having to meet your student at the local library!

According to a recent survey, 64% of tutors now conduct online lessons, and that number is only expected to grow. The tutoring industry will only grow from here, and as e-learning becomes more common, it will only make your job more convenient. It’s an easy, lucrative, and rewarding experience that can really help you make it through college. Tutoring is worth a shot.

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