How Online Tutoring is Improving Education

October 20, 2016 For Tutors220

The tutoring landscape is changing. What was once an in-person supplemental meeting is becoming an online enhancement of education, and even an alternative to traditional classroom curriculums. Just a few years ago these advancements seemed impossible, but the value of personalized learning and the advancement in education technology has turned them into a reality. Online tutoring is not only changing everything we thought we knew about learning, but it’s also changing how we teach and how we tutor.

The Increasing Trend of Online Tutoring

In 2016, online tutoring has become increasingly more common. According to a recent survey, 64% of tutors conduct their sessions online, with another 11% planning to start soon. At this point, it’s even become a long-term plan for most tutors, as 53% of online tutors have been in the business for more than three years, while another 22% say it’s been 2-3 years. The massive cut in expenses and relative ease on busy schedules that online tutoring provides has allowed this new business model to grow over just a few years.

Online tutoring isn’t even all that much different from traditional in-person tutoring. Word of mouth and referrals are still vital for growing your business. It can also be useful to use online tutoring marketplaces as a means to increase your online presence. Many of the most successful online tutors maintain a personal website or blog, and rely on channels like YouTube and Craigslist to promote their business.


The Future of Personalized Learning

For decades we have known that one-on-one learning represents an improvement in education over a classroom setting. The problem has always been that most students don’t have access to such services, creating an achievement gap amongst peers. In recent years, much attention has been placed on education technology to support e-learning and help students bridge that gap. There are many who now believe that online tutoring could represent a major shift in how children learn.

Learning in the classroom is already being tweaked to promote individualized learning as much as possible, but it pales in comparison to what e-learning can offer. With online tutoring, students can learn at their own pace. A one-on-one approach allows students to concentrate on specific subjects that they might need to spend more time with. Online tutoring is not just a convenient way to learn, it’s the future of learning itself. It’s only bound to become more popular as technologies continue to be democratized by those looking to monetize the education sector.

How the Internet of Things Will Help

The connection that exists between people, processes, devices, and data is known as the Internet of Things, and it will play a major role in the changing landscape of education and tutoring. Through the devices that make up the IoT, we can accumulate large volumes of data from students to create actionable solutions toward improving personalized learning. Most of these applications as universal solutions are just conceptual ideas at the moment, and would likely fit best in the classroom, but that doesn’t mean online tutoring can’t benefit from more information as well.

Imagine using mobile technologies to help track important resources, create better lessons, improve access to information, and make students easier to understand. The collection of big data in the classroom will help us gather more information on what is and isn’t working for each individual case. More data means there would be more particulars to know about a certain student–their learning tendencies, what they excel in, what they struggle with, how best to approach new ideas. By knowing this information before going in, tutors will be able to tailor more effective lessons easier and at a faster rate than they currently can.

As it turns out, the more personalized a lesson gets, the more effective it can be. The introduction of technology into education is something that has come on the rise only recently, and will become a huge aspect of classroom learning in the near future. It’s only natural that those same benefits will trickle into the online tutoring sphere to help make it an even more effective way to learn.

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